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Internships at Bachmann

Want to undergo exciting training with a secure future at an internationally successful company? Looking for a wide-ranging field of activities and a great working environment with a young team?

Consider an internship at Bachmann!

Mechanical Design Engineer

An interesting prospect for individuals who: 

  • have good spatial sense
  • enjoy math
  • like working in a team
  • are interested in technology

Topics covered in training: 

  • Use of information technology (CAD, networks, Internet, databases)
  • Project-oriented work, completion of diagrams and model drawings
  • Field-specific calculations
  • Selection of materials
  • Technical documentation

Electronics Engineer

An interesting prospect for individuals who: 

  • understand technical concepts and have technical aptitude
  • like working with technical equipment
  • enjoy math and physics
  • can think in abstract terms

Topics covered in training: 

  • Development and testing of electronic assemblies
  • Technical documentation
  • Creation of printed circuit boards
  • Programming and installation of electronic process control systems

Operations Logistician

An interesting prospect for individuals who: 

  • have organizational talent
  • are quick learners
  • work carefully and methodically
  • like working with others

Topics covered in training: 

  • Organization of goods flow (from supplier to customer)
  • Material orders, accounting, logistics
  • Work with IT programs

IT Technician

An interesting prospect for individuals who: 

  • are interested in all work related to PCs
  • like working with others
  • have the ability to think in systematic, holistic terms
  • are conscientious and diligent

Topics covered in training: 

  • Selection, installation, configuration, and testing of IT hardware and software
  • Troubleshooting and error correction
  • Use of programming tools
Taster Day
for electronics, IT technology or operating logistics
... a telephone agreement is possible with Dietmar Matt or Peter Bertsch. Trial dates are from January to mid-March. Tel. No .: 05522 3497-0
internship commitment
If your application was successful and we would like to offer you an apprenticeship, we will inform you by telephone to the unified V.E.M. confirmation date on 07 April 2018 at 08:00 o'clock.

Why be an Intern at Bachmann?

Bachmann Gives You Momentum …

... For Your Development!

Your training focuses not only on expert knowledge, but also on your personal development and the enhancement of your social skills. Special personal development workshops, “adventure trips,” and other events help shape your character and build team spirit.

... For Your First Steps in Your Career!

Throughout your internship, you will have a mentor at your side, helping you repeat and practice the educational and vocational skills you learn in our in-house training laboratory. Taking further qualifications is also part of the package that propels your career forward. And after your internship, you can continue working on your career with us, because we are happy to retain you as a fully qualified employee if all goes well.

... For Your Motivation!

As a reward for your completed educational and vocational performance, we offer awards to encourage you to keep up the good work!

... With Our Flexibility!

Our flexible approach to rotating interns through different departments makes it possible for us to address your needs and interests in a targeted way. Training topics can be individually adapted to suit your performance potential, skills and capabilities, and interests.

...With Our Experience!

We have offered internships since 1985 – with great success. Thanks to our competent employees, we can offer high-quality training. In fact, we were awarded the prestigious title of “Excellent Training Program” for the fifth time in a row.

Current Internship Vacancies

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